BuddyPress Failed after watching movie, The Social Network

November 7th, 2010

Yesterday, I watched a movie, The Social Network, with my buddies. I’d say it’s a very good movie, especially for us – programmers, but very flawed as well. The screenplay was excellent, but portraying Mark as genius, just for coding a simple Friendster copy was a bit too much for me. I understand people are prone to drama and supernatural, but you can’t shoot a movie about real people and make them into geniuses, just because they’re now billionaires. I’m sure Jack Dorsey will be flying like a bird, when they make a movie about Twitter.

Back to the point, BuddyPress, the social network provided by WordPress. Watching the movie, I learned people like social experience on the web, but not always. They love to spy on their friends and people they actually know, but they just don’t care about the others. At the moment, I have the same problem with BizzThemes, where I implemented BuddyPress, in a hope to engage users to communicate with each other – with no success. Why? Because they just don’t care about other community members that have bought premium themes and only want simple support forums that can process their support queries.

The conclusion

I’ll probably remove BuddyPress from BizzThemes and implement simple bbPress support forums instead. I’d also advise all website owners to rethink their social strategy and only offer their own social network, when they plan to engage people who actually know each other. This is why MySpace failed, I’ve failed and you will, if you use BuddyPress just because social is currently in.

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3 Responses to “BuddyPress Failed after watching movie, The Social Network”

  1. Kristian

    13 years ago

    It just shows that money makes a person (looks) genius, although not necessarily true at times.

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  2. MrGroove

    13 years ago

    I agree 200%. I was always surprised the first few times I visited Facebook only to be blocked until I created an account. At first I thought, that’s silly but then realized it was genius since it spread through referrals IE: Friends… rather than strangers talking about a topic.

    I think you nailed it with this post. Sums up the entire scene. Forums are for ppl who are connected to a topic. Twitter is for ppl who like to hear themselves talk and Social Media sites are where friends can loiter and remain buzy bodies. 😉

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  3. Do you have live demo or buddypress?

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