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March 23rd, 2010

I have just completed and integrated the new framework and new features into all bizzthemes. As extensive development and innovation is integrated in every new theme we release, I through it would be good to inform you what has been done in latest few weeks.

Rich Textarea Widget

A lot of users submitted a request for rich text area widget, which should allow you to edit your widget content with a nice WYSIWYG editor: add images, style paragraphs, add links and much more.

True hooks system

True Hooks System

Our themes receive a lot of updates so it is really unproductive to edit core files, which in the end get updated so searching for changes can become a major headache. Our answer is to integrate hooks/actions, which allow you to edit particular functions or remove them alltogether – from one file, which will stay the same through theme lifetime.

PrettyPhoto lightbox script

Total Design Control

Controlling your design has never been easier. With our themes you are in charge of overall typography, colors, borders and layout. Design options panel performs as your visual CSS editor, so even if you are not a web designer by profession, you have tools to create a top quality designs with ease. With our themes, technology is not in your way, your only limit is your creativity.

Enkelt Design Control from Željan Topić on Vimeo.

PrettyPhoto Lightbox Script

As lightbox scripts are becoming very popular these days and most of us want images and videos to pop up in beautiful boxes instead of new browser windows, we give you option to put all of your images into lightbox windows – with one click only.

PrettyPhoto lightbox script

Bulk Noindex Pages – SEO

This feature has been requested a lot and wasn’t hard to implement. The idea is to give users option to hide particular pages from search engine spiders. Until recently we offered this feature when you edited particular page, but if you already have hundreds of pages, this could become very time-consuming so we integrated bulk page noindex option in out neat theme options panel.

Bulk page noindex control

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  1. Nice features added! I really like the idea of the hooks system so that you don’t get modifications deleted when you come out with updates!

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