BizzThemes platform now in Beta 2

November 17th, 2009

Much anticipated is growing nicely so I’ve decided to share some screenshots. I tried to follow your comments on previous posts and emails so hope you’ll like it – I’d appreciate your comments on this post as well.

My lead through development was/is/will be design usability and simplicity of use. User is the master and controls everything so no pop-ups, uncontrolled sliders, ugly hover effects etc..

Front page (click to enlarge)


Pricing (click to enlarge)


Support Forums (click to enlarge)


Support Forums – Threaded Private Messaging (click to enlarge)


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5 Responses to “BizzThemes platform now in Beta 2”

  1. Bart

    14 years ago

    It looks very clear and nice! And now I see the difference between “forum” and “PM” :-). It’s a clean design that is, also because of that, very attractive.

    Even though the 4 steps are now placed more prominently on the frontpage I must admit that they keep me puzzled. Is it necessary to have a “customize it” link so prominently? Shouldn’t that be “Features” or “Tour” (these are not so visible right now) so that I can have a quick overview of what you have to offer?

    I like the Browse Business Themes Button now, (even) II would find it and click it within 2 seconds after opening the site.
    I can’t help noticing though that there is strictly speaking missing a 1. in the row of 2. 3. 4. But that’s perhaps only because when they taught me how to count they always started at 1.
    I would prefer not to have that little arrow right next to the Browse Business Theme Button as I wonder for a split second where to aim when I point my arrow in that direction. But i am aware that the arrow invites me to follow the links in the right order.

    Sorry to bother you with mentioning these rather insignificant things, but I just wrote down spontaneously what went through my mind without thinking too much, as I (do) think that’s how a lot of people surf in our world or information overflow.

    But I begin to suspect that things might get clearer once I can really click those links 🙂

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    • Željan Topić

      14 years ago

      Bart, tnx a lot for your feedback, … really appreciate it. Speaking your mind is sth I always wish for.

      Of course, I will follow your advice and redesign things accordingly 😉

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  2. SuperMario290

    14 years ago

    Hey Zeljan I really like the designs and everything looks fantastic so far! I do agree with Bart and I think that there should be a 1 in that row of numbers. I don’t know maybe it’s just a little bit of my OCD kicking in.

    I really like on the homepage how you kind of put the shadow around the twitter links to set it apart from the latest blog and forum posts. Not much more than that. I really like everything so far and the design looks great!

    What kind of forum software are you using for the site? Just wondering if you’re gonna be using bbPress with a custom theme or maybe just a forum software that’s installable via a plugin.

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    • Željan Topić

      14 years ago

      Forum is of course BBPress as I really want to keep everything under WP hood – at least to demonstrate that WP is everything you need to run any kind of web site you want.

      Otherwise tnx for kind remarks, as my official/tademarked slogan says “Guide Me” 😉

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  3. Odele

    14 years ago

    Good for you. And good luck!,lucy

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