BizzThemes v2 Launched, evolves into Social Network

April 20th, 2010

I’ve been developing new BizzThemes social network for quite some time and after I received loads of feedback on its concept, it was time to develop the real deal. It came out really good and puts our customers support experience on a totally new level.

Why Social Network?

  • Support isn’t related to forums anymore but is available throughout the whole site
  • Keeping track of your support groups has never been easier (email, RSS, activity stream)
  • Customers may follow all activity streams through RSS feeds and Email
  • Sending private messages is now available to all customers
  • Instead of complex newsletter system, network uses smart notifications
  • Option to use BizzThemes as your Twitter client and post your activity streams directly into Twitter
  • Better user experience and a good foundation for future development

Not a BizzThemes member?

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2 Responses to “BizzThemes v2 Launched, evolves into Social Network”

  1. wow I REALLY like the whole new site layout and all of the new features and everything. It looks super clean and the way you implemented social networking is really cool.

    So is the site based off of wordpress then you just coded these features in or is there some sort of plugin or other thing that you used to implement the social networking aspect of it?

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