BizzArtic on Twitter, Finally …

July 31, 2009

Tweet @Twitter, you won,…I’m giving myself in (= … after releasing so many Twitter WP widgets and even a Twitter-like theme I’ve decided it’s time to check out Twitter in all of its glory. Follow my thoughts and work via Twitter

What am I doing When I’m Not Blogging?

July 21, 2009

Tweet Don’t know if this info is of any use for most of you but some would probably want to know what am I doing when I’m not posting anything on my blog Here it goes … I work at Faculty of Economics, Slovenia as a webmaster I spend most of my time here, coding […]

From Black to White – BizzArtic Development

June 30, 2009

Tweet It’s been a while since last redesign of BizzArtic blog and ever since I got lots of complaints about its dark interface. I’m not a big fan of dark styling but I though white letters on black background are easier to eyes than vice-verse → now I’ve proven that’s not really true. I hope […]

What Comes Next on BizzArtic?

June 23, 2009

Tweet Just a few months ago I thought releasing best free themes would be enough to compete in tough environment of WP themes, including premium ones….But as always things aren’t that easy so I’ve decided to up the ante with some major steps in my blog development: BizzArtic will get a full redesign – even […]

Just Updated my Blog Design a Bit

April 2, 2009

Tweet After all the work I’ve done on other themes even my own blog started to look cheap and out of date so I polished it a bit and added threaded comments so we can talk more openly. Still, it’s nothing daramatic as I don’t want to confuse anyone.

I’ll Blog More Often but In Less Words

March 12, 2009

Tweet After some thinking I realized I’m quite romantic by soul but not as lyric by my words. It’s quite hard for me to realize that you need more than just BS if you want to write epic posts on your blog that someone will actually read … That’s why I’ll write really short posts, […]

Which Projects Are Next On My Table

January 15, 2009

Tweet I’m pretty busy at the moment, mostly with studying for my MSc degree in Business Informatics. Exams are coming up in next few weeks so learning is my priority….but because you’re probably more interested in my future online projects, here is a short summary: Releasing 3.2 version of Igloo theme (in next few days) […]

Why Am I Blogging?

October 24, 2008

Tweet Yesterdy I got the best feedback ever and it really got me thinking about my journey with this bizzArtic blog. Till now I really didn’t have any serious strategy to get me going but now ideas are just ‘poping’ out. So what happened? – My mentor, who recently helped me to graduate, gave me […]

My Blog Got A New Look

October 22, 2008

Tweet After long consideration and my endless impatience I’ve decided to put my blog look away. I’ve done it for following reasons: I want to concentrate on design for others and don’t want to bother with mine thus I’ve thrown away a few bucks to get a professional WordPress Theme that would do all the […]

What is BizzArtic in One Sentence?

October 1, 2008

Tweet It is a blog that speaks about my experiences from personal business projects and whereas bizz itself is organized as virtual company where I take my blog users as my advisory board. – It is a long sentence but one sentence still;)…hopefully you now have much clearer picture of this blogs purpose.

Hello, BizzArtic is Here!

September 16, 2008

Tweet I am proud to announce that has become (beta) live as of September 16. 2008. It will be organized as a virtual business for managing different business projects.  I will manage them, and you will be, hopefully, my customers or advisors to success. I expect from you to advise me on different topics: […]