From Black to White – BizzArtic Development

June 30th, 2009

It’s been a while since last redesign of BizzArtic blog and ever since I got lots of complaints about its dark interface. I’m not a big fan of dark styling but I though white letters on black background are easier to eyes than vice-verse → now I’ve proven that’s not really true. I hope you like new interface as it’s very clean and intuitive.

Things coming soon on BizzArtic blog:

  • Support forum + Integrated payment for forum access
  • Bidding for my latest themes before they’re released (this means one of you may get exclussive rights to my future themes before they are released and sell them further or use for personal purposes)

Old interface (click to enlarge)


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4 Responses to “From Black to White – BizzArtic Development”

  1. self help blog

    14 years ago

    Wow this site just became so much better. It’s much easier to read on a white background. keep up the great work.


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  2. SuperMario290

    14 years ago

    Wow, I really like the new design, although I never had a problem reading the text on the last one. Either way I’m still a fan of the site! 😀

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  3. David Markland

    14 years ago

    You’ve more than earned the credentials to sell or profit off your themes.

    However, I don’t think you should restrict help forum access to paid members, if this is the plan. I think you’ll end up spending more time trying to satisfy people with forum content instead of developing more themes which you can charge for. A free forum also ensures that people who grab even your free themes will discuss it on your site, giving you some control over the conversation… eventually they may buy a new theme or make a donation.

    Anyway, regardless I look forward to what you do next.

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    • Željan Topić

      14 years ago

      I’d love to make forum access free to all users but it takes a lot of time. You maybe missunderstood me because my themes will always be free of charge, the only thing I will charge for is support and modification tweaks. Though, thank you for your suggestions.

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