Advertising with AdSense

September 16th, 2008

Today I just updated my advertising space with Adsense. If some of you are interested, it took me just one day to get approval from Google, otherwise everything took me about 5minutes or even less.

As I am new to this, I did not know where to place my ads to get the best effect so I did the following:

  • Placed two units in the sidebar section, one 120×600 and other 160×600 side by side; both of units are simple image banners as I think, they’ll get the most effect.
  • Placed on 468×60 unit on top of comments section; this is text and image ad.
  • Signed up for Google custom search engine and applied for AdSense for Search, try the search engine, you’ll see more if you’re interested.

I would love to hear from you what methods of advertising to use, where to place ads, which ads (text, image) etc.

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