IsoTherm Bizz’d Up

April 26, 2010

Tweet Yet another of my old BizzArtic WordPress themes has been transferred to BizzThemes platform, where I’ll be able to continue with its development and offer support to its users. I tried to incorporate all requirements I received from users of old theme. Now it’s much simpler to use, has loads of new features and […]

WordPress 2.8 + BizzArtic Themes = Perfect Harmony

June 12, 2009

Tweet Today, I updated my last theme, Igloo, to new version of WP, 2.8 Baker release….thus all bizzthemes are working fine with newest release of WP – now go and update when you’re ready: Berita v 1.5 – Demo | Download (updated) IsoTherm v 1.4 – Demo | Download (updated) Inuit Types v 1.8 (remains […]

IsoTherm News Revved Up to the Maximum

May 29, 2009

Tweet This is currently my best theme in terms of features and theme admin panel options, which are really simple to use and have nice toggle divs that make editing content faster and easier. It is totally new in terms of code as I’ve decided to get unified framework for all of my themes. Demo […]

IsoTherm News now IE7 and IE8 Compatible

April 14, 2009

Tweet IsoTherm News Theme is now fully compatible with IE7 and IE8. there is also better support guide to address most common issues. Visit changelog bundled in theme files to learn more. Download new release here Tnx to all for giving back your feedback, don’t hesitate to contact me again if you encounter any kind […]

IsoTherm News Theme is Finished but…

March 13, 2009

Tweet New theme called IsoTherm News is finished but due to vast selection of features and layouts I’m looking for someone that would provide you with support services on level I cannot reach at the moment. I am thinking Woo Themes would be the best option for you but we’ll see how talks go down […]

IsoTherm News Theme is Comming Soon…

February 22, 2009

Tweet It’s been quite a while since my last post on bizzArtic blog…well as always I’ve been busy with work on my next theme called IsoTherm News. Theme will be magazine-styled with multimedia images and videos in mind – as people tend to watch videos more and get buzzed with images rather than text. Don’t […]