IsoTherm Bizz’d Up

April 26th, 2010

Yet another of my old BizzArtic WordPress themes has been transferred to BizzThemes platform, where I’ll be able to continue with its development and offer support to its users. I tried to incorporate all requirements I received from users of old theme. Now it’s much simpler to use, has loads of new features and gives premium users ability to control its design with just a few clicks.

If you’re running a news site or have a personal blog, this theme is the best fit for you. With IsoTherm you’ll be able to concentrate on your content and rest assured everything else works at top-level (SEO, cross-browser compatibility, reading usability etc.)

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IsoTherm Front Page (click to enlarge)

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11 Responses to “IsoTherm Bizz’d Up”

  1. Luis Fernando

    14 years ago

    Great Theme!!!

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  2. I really like the color changes inn the sections of the page. It makes things easier to organize visually and the information is presented in a cleaner manner.

    Great job on it man, I’m really diggin’ it!

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  3. Paritosh

    13 years ago

    The theme looks awesome. I am using the previous version of Isotherm (1.5), will this theme require any changes (custom field, etc) when upgrading to this version? And is it compatible with wordpress 3.0 (infact is the previous compatible too?).

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  4. tshibedi

    13 years ago

    I’m having trouble setting up the Gravatar on the isotherme theme. I installed the gravatar plugin and have ticked all the relevent box but it still does not come out properly. Also concerning the features post category navigation, I wanted to remove this navigation and have excluded all the catergories from showing in the setting whoever I’m still getting a sign reading ‘no catergories’, how do I remove this completely!

    I’m using the free version and would like to move on to the paid but I’m having problem with this free one I’m doubting even paying for another one.

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  5. Lesher

    13 years ago

    100% compatible WP 3.1 ???

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  6. Max

    12 years ago

    Hello, I have a problem and probably a bug for you to fix.

    Neither Isoterm version doesn’t show up feeds in 2.0 version:

    Just like here. But everything works in

    I wish I could fix it on my site by myself but it won’t let me, everything is encoded, I guess.

    Is there a way I could fix this?

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  7. Marcia David

    11 years ago

    Hi, today is Monday and I hope you’re well. And ready to help me …
    Why the thumb appears repeated within the body text of the post? All posts are this way… 🙁
    Why the thumb appears cropped at the gallery? I would like it to appear reduced, but without cuts…
    See it yourself:
    Thanks a lot!

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  8. Lazaros

    11 years ago

    Hello.. the front page doesn’t appear the latest posts.. it just shows the featured posts and sidebar. why? Thanks in advance 🙂

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