September 30th, 2008

Like I promised Tips-for-Tips has been entirely transferred to I have done that for many reasons, which I will explain a few lines later. New website design has been inspired by my previous tips page on my blog and some other websites: (sidebar widgets) (Simplicity) (Icons, hr images)

Original image by: p_c_w

Now let my briefly present what has been changed in relation to previous Tips page.

  • I have added customized footer of web page to explain more about services I offer.
  • Added some appealing facts from recent social study  2008 Cone Business in Social Media Study.
  • Gave 10% OFF for first 5 customers that sign on
  • Explained more about WordPress I use in sidebar widget
  • Striped pages from all unnecessary links, content, images
  • Changed AdWords advertising to new targeted location

Reasons for change

  • My previous site that is currently still active was build inside my blog that doesn’t necessarily talk just about my freelance projects from Tips section. Thus customers might get confused and get impression they encountered some cheap service.
  • Next reason is that I want to have custom wordpress accounts built just for customers, so that data doesn’t get erased while I update my blog (that is quite often).
  • I am also preparing affiliate programme for users to recommend my services and get paid for it. I have a plan in my head but it is still quite buggy as I also need to go through some various scenarios (e.g. how to pay users, how they track their earnings etc.). I am willing to pay 10% of the final price that customer pays to me so if you have a customer for me already, we might strike a deal even before affiliate programme launches. Just contact me on my web mail.
  • SEO also improves as the site is dedicated to specific terms of use, so my  meta tags will be much more compliant with content. In other words, search engines will target my tips site as a website dedicated to web development services with no blog posts to distort its specific terms of use.

What’s next

More development on Affiliate programme, Customer accounts, Advertising, Pricing and Payment methods.

Visit to see changes in action:

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  1. Nejc

    15 years ago

    Hey, awesome blog entries 😛

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  2. Blaz2225

    15 years ago


    This is my first post on this site 🙂

    I hope everything is going ok.

    I’m currently on a 1 month holidays in Brazil. The things are cheap, the weather is great, not to mention the girls man…

    I heard you are quite busy. Well that’s life, you have to get used of it 😛

    all the best!


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