My Plans for 2011

January 2, 2011

Tweet 2010 has been tough, but very productive and probably a major milestone in my career. I finished my regular studies for masters degree at faculty of economics and established online business that has become both profitable and enjoyable at the same time. I’m now able to invest a lot more into development and actually […]

What to expect in new year?

December 30, 2009

Tweet I haven’t wrote for a while but with a good reason. New year is about to become really interesting for me and hopefully somewhat successful as planned – if not, it will at least be a great journey that will make me even stronger as I don’t give up that easily. Here’s a short […]

Future BizzArtic Themes will be Built with Hooks

August 17, 2009

Tweet My theme designs are getting more and more advanced so I’ve decided to gradually drop static template development and put all strengths into development with hooks (functions). What are ‘hooks’? Hooks are nothing more than functions which you call in any theme file and you may do so multiple times. Why is development around […]

From Black to White – BizzArtic Development

June 30, 2009

Tweet It’s been a while since last redesign of BizzArtic blog and ever since I got lots of complaints about its dark interface. I’m not a big fan of dark styling but I though white letters on black background are easier to eyes than vice-verse → now I’ve proven that’s not really true. I hope […]

What Comes Next on BizzArtic?

June 23, 2009

Tweet Just a few months ago I thought releasing best free themes would be enough to compete in tough environment of WP themes, including premium ones….But as always things aren’t that easy so I’ve decided to up the ante with some major steps in my blog development: BizzArtic will get a full redesign – even […]

My Blog Got A New Look

October 22, 2008

Tweet After long consideration and my endless impatience I’ve decided to put my blog look away. I’ve done it for following reasons: I want to concentrate on design for others and don’t want to bother with mine thus I’ve thrown away a few bucks to get a professional WordPress Theme that would do all the […]


September 30, 2008

Tweet Like I promised Tips-for-Tips has been entirely transferred to I have done that for many reasons, which I will explain a few lines later. New website design has been inspired by my previous tips page on my blog and some other websites: (sidebar widgets) (Simplicity) (Icons, hr images) Original image […]

Logo Development

September 24, 2008

Tweet I personally think my logo is now looking quite nice, but in order for you to get full point of view (it also rhymes:) what work was behind it, I’ll paste a few snapshots from my hand-drawn ideas and design drafts. After that I’ll also paste some comparative images to show how my bizzArtic […]