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October 18th, 2008

As you know from my previous post, I’ve applied to WooContest with my Igloo WordPress Theme to compete for prize of $2000 in cash. I got an encouraging comment from WooThemes administrator but not much more so I’ve decided to contribute my contest design to community for free.

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Igloo theme is a WordPress Theme that will be bundled with all the functions you usually get from Premium WordPress Themes plus a lot more:

  • Easy subscriptions management with Feedburner (Plugin)
  • Auto image resizer (TimThumb plugin)
  • Unique and professional design
  • Different color schemes to chose from
  • Improved default WordPress search (Plugin)
  • Extended author profile (Plugin)
  • Video panel that automagically extracts flash videos from posts
  • Dynamic Flickr Images (Plugin)
  • Easy Google Analytics insertion (Plugin)
  • Simple Ads management: 125×125, 200×200
  • Easy category drop-down menu (up to 2nd level)
  • Custom templates: Archives, Contact, About, Comments, Single and more…

Stuff you will get:

  • Very fast load times thank to minimalistic design with almost no images
  • SEO friendliness you usually get with commercial premium themes
  • Commercial support for customization
  • Copyrighted and professional design
  • Bundled Installation Instructions
  • Happiness:)

Stuff you won’t get:

  • No License to distribute theme commercially
  • No quarantee whatsoever

And please note that all design work is copyright protected so you cannot sell it further without further agreement from BizzArtic, PERIOD!!!


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