BizzFolio BizzThemes WordPress Theme

January 15, 2010

Tweet After a while this my first theme released under BizzThemes platform and it’s a very proud moment for me. It looks pretty minimalistic and simple, which was the purpose – although it has really a lot of features that will not let you down when you’re eager to present your work professionally. Free Download […]

Pure Magazine WordPress Theme

August 28, 2009

Tweet Pure Magazine WordPress theme is, as its name suggests, theme with pure, minimalistic and usable layout, structured to focus readers attention on content and ads, rather than designer graphics. It is built for large news sites that want to highlight important content and retain readers after their first visit. Web designers may also use […]

Auction for Pure Magazine Theme Starts Now!

August 21, 2009

Tweet Pure Magazine Theme is finished, the only thing remaining now is to find the best owner for it. I’ve decided to auction this theme  because I want to make it more exclusive and of course earn sth from it. You now have opportunity to use it exclusively on your site or sell it forward […]

Rask News Theme Demo Available

June 8, 2009

Tweet Rask, which means fast in Norwegian, is now in its beta stage and is shaping out nicely. It was created as answer to need for efficient team blogging platform as well as simple blog alternative to micro-blogging systems like Twitter. Rask Theme Demo Demo however lacks some features that are still in development phase, […]

IsoTherm News Revved Up to the Maximum

May 29, 2009

Tweet This is currently my best theme in terms of features and theme admin panel options, which are really simple to use and have nice toggle divs that make editing content faster and easier. It is totally new in terms of code as I’ve decided to get unified framework for all of my themes. Demo […]

Inuit Types Goes under GPL License

March 19, 2009

Tweet This is quite exciting news as it really gives all of you who download it freedom to basically do whatever you want with it. Here are some basic rights you now have: GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 3, 29 June 2007 the freedom to use the software for any purpose, the freedom to change […]

Breaking News in Igloo Theme

January 2, 2009

Tweet Today, new Igloo theme has been released, it’s version 3.1 now! Another major feature was added, Breaking news option and some other enhancements + bug fixes. Breaking news are quite complex and I’ve had lots of headaches over this feature. Posts that are labeled with ‘breaking news’ category appear in 3 steps: Small Alert […]

Igloo News 3.0 Released

December 28, 2008

Tweet Finally after few weeks of tweaks new version of Igloo came out. My main focus was on standardization of all elements, thus I’ve validated all my code (W3C) and made it compatible with WP theme requirements. I could take it to their repository but I’ll still wait a bit to get some feedback from […]

I’m Concentrating on WP Themes Development

December 23, 2008

Tweet Nowadays I’m pretty busy with development of recent WP Theme called “Igloo“. It is my first theme but nevertheless aim is to beat other guys that are developing commercial “premium” themes for money. I  respect their work and really hate the fact that selling themes is so tough these days but if  I want […]

Igloo News 2.0 Released

December 14, 2008

Tweet I am really thrilled to release new version of Igloo news theme. This one is really big update as it took me a few days to fix all bugs and pixels and to implement new features that will fit with new WordPress 2.7 Coltrane. Won’t say more, just check it out, if you liked […]

Igloo News Updated to Version 1.0.2

December 5, 2008

Tweet There were no major fixes, just some minor changes in style.css and orher template files to correct layout for few pixels. I tend to be perfectionist and those pixels bothered me for some time – now space between containers is fixed. Other major changes were made to Google Analytics Settings. I removed it alltogether […]

Igloo News Theme Released

November 30, 2008

Tweet Finally after weeks of work I’ve put together my first wordpress theme with all the premium features you can imagine. Also there is a support guide that helps users find info quickly and easily….And best of all it’s FREE. There are no hooks or anything, I’m just doing it to enhance my online presence […]

Free Igloo Theme Teaser

October 18, 2008

Tweet As you know from my previous post, I’ve applied to WooContest with my Igloo WordPress Theme to compete for prize of $2000 in cash. I got an encouraging comment from WooThemes administrator but not much more so I’ve decided to contribute my contest design to community for free. Subscribe if you want to be […]