I’m Concentrating on WP Themes Development

December 23rd, 2008

Nowadays I’m pretty busy with development of recent WP Theme called “Igloo“. It is my first theme but nevertheless aim is to beat other guys that are developing commercial “premium” themes for money. I  respect their work and really hate the fact that selling themes is so tough these days but if  I want to make my way into wonderful world of WordPress, sacrifices are needed. Don’t get me wrong as I’ll never sell Igloo theme for money and probably not any other theme that will be product of BizzArtic – your success will be my payroll.

What’s On Next?

In few days I will release new update to Igloo theme that will be a major one. There will be lots of new features and optimization tricks but most importantly theme download will be transferred to Wordpess Themes repository. I will do this as my aim is to get largest possible audience and hopefully more recognition. If this move proves to be wrong (because rare is still more exotic:) I will pull it out.

Next on the table is standardisation of Igloo theme core that will be used for development of future themes. I won’t promise anything, it all depends on success of next release. If it doesn’t attract at least 200 downloads per day I will concentrate only on Igloo theme, sorry.

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  1. Aravind Jose T.

    15 years ago

    Absolutely loving your themes. Especially, Inuitypes and also, Igloo.

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