21 Ways to Write Better Posts for Your Blog

January 21st, 2009

Yesterday I read a very useful article on problogger that gives you some tips for writing posts that will catch on with your users. I like it because it is simple, straightforward and really helps you realize what your blog is all about. It isn’t relevant to me as I have decided to put all my efforts in WP design work, but I suggest you give it a try:

  1. Write something useful – my favourite
  2. Write something unique
  3. Write something newsworthy
  4. Write something first
  5. Write something that makes those who read it smarter
  6. Write something controversial
  7. Write something insightful
  8. Write something that taps into a fear people have
  9. Write something that helps people achieve
  10. Write something that produces a response
  11. Write something that gives a sense of belonging
  12. Write something passionately
  13. Write something that interprets or translates news for people
  14. Write something inspirational
  15. Write something that tells a story
  16. Write something that solves a problem
  17. Write something that gets a laugh
  18. Write something that saves people time or money
  19. Write something opinionated
  20. Write something that is a resource
  21. Write something about something ‘cool‘

It really is worth trying so don’t stop just by reading, take action and try it, I’m sure it will help your blog in many ways. But as always this isn’t just a magic pill for headaches of your blog as Bruce Simmons describes in a comment to Darren’s post:

If you don’t have a foothold in the SEO world, you are spinning your wheels.

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2 Responses to “21 Ways to Write Better Posts for Your Blog”

  1. Hi. They are good ideas on how to approach creating and building your blog. It sure can be a long and tedious learning process though. The only thing I would say is even though you have multiple ideas and have an urge to create multiple blogs, stay focused in both mind and blog on one subject. Mine has become a conglomerate of ideas and I think I weed out readers because of it. Yet I am stubborn. (Or is that stupid?)

    Thanks for the mention. I’ve all but given up on commenting on Darren’s blog. Comments there just seem to be spamments for SEO and most folks there don’t recognize that a good comment should contribute to the subject, not spin in circles pointing to themselves.


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    • Željan Topić

      15 years ago

      Bruce that’s why you should engage more in small-to-medium-sized blogs, like this one, where author will always listen to what you have to say;)

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