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Address Audience in Your Native Language

December 9, 2008

Tweet Have to say that I made the biggest mistake when I started this blog in English (BTW my native language is Slovene) as I really struggled to find my audience in vast Internet space. I assumed that there will be more readers if I choose the most wide-spread language on the net and got […]

Is Simplicity the Answer? No,…Good Design Is!

December 6, 2008

Tweet As it is to my understanding simplicity is becoming a rescue plan to all design problems. Actually it doesn’t apply just to web design but to everything people can put together (automobiles, cellphones, dashboards etc.), even services are getting simpler. Remember the time when pop-ups were big hits and amazon introduced tabs? After that […]

Good Visitors vs. Bad Ones

December 3, 2008

Tweet Over the time of writing my blog I’ve learned that there is big difference between visitos that read my blog. The difference is really huge and it really made me think what to do to get good visitors come more often! Thus I’ve gone to the source of the problem to find out where […]

Selling Something Else Than Ad Space

November 24, 2008

Tweet Nowadays blogs have turned into advertising machines with advertising as its main source of income. I don’t have anything against this model but I really hate what it has done to content people publish online. Now you have all sorts of websites that collect blog posts and republish them as something new. When bloggers […]

4 Ingredients of Successful Blog

November 20, 2008

Tweet As you probably know right know, blogging is hard business so don’t take anything for granted. Becoming a successful blogger is not as easy as many think so keeping focus on mainstream problems is very difficult. Thus I’ve done a short study to find out which are top ingredients that make a blog successful: […]

Every Blogger is an Expert Nowadays

November 13, 2008

Tweet I don’t want to criticize anyone particularly but more and more blogs tend to sell you their expertise they never possessed. Even I get carried away sometimes and try to give you advice about blogging tips I myself have to learn actually. Yet, I try to reference my findings but some guys out there […]

5 Strategies to Start a Blog

November 12, 2008

Tweet Now that I’m two months in blogging I can say that starting a blog is no longer as easy as ABC. Abandoned blogs are becoming very common nowadays. There are millions of them, actually most of them get abandoned just after they were created. Several studies indicate that most blogs are abandoned soon after […]

Don’t Trust a Guy With Glasses and a Suit!

November 11, 2008

Tweet I don’t know how your experiences go but day after day I meet these kind of guys and almost always they are prone to deceive you. Maybe that’s just me or you also have these kind of experience,…WTF? I have lots of friends that suit this description so it doesn’t really apply to all […]

Comment on my Blog,…Damn You!

November 10, 2008

Tweet * It might sound a little bit harsh,…Well, I’ve decided to force people to leave comment on my blog, It might work though;) * * So, why people comment? Lots of bloggers probably ask themselves (time to time) why people choose not to leave a comment even if the topic of interest is quite […]

25 Lessons Learned from Failure: Not Mine…Yet;)

November 9, 2008

Tweet If you watched a movie Batman begins (2005), you probably noticed when Thomas Wayne, Bruce’s father tells him: Thomas Wayne: And why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up. It’s quite the same with blogging, if you take for instance it’s not a fairy tail which I imagined […]

Why The Hell Do We Need Acrobat Reader?

November 7, 2008

Tweet I mean this software hounts me in my dreams,…my senior professors put all their work in .pdf files eventhough they could easily lock their work in other programs too….I never had any pleasant experience with it and don’t know why companies worldwide use it with as big extend as they do. So, what’s the […]

Telling Tales

November 5, 2008

Tweet Today I held a presentation to my faculty colleagues about Stephen Denning‘s article Telling Tales. What he says is that managers should use storytelling as a business tool in organizations. Why the brain likes a good tale Margaret Parkin says stories can be included in change programs in many ways, such as: as part […]

Why Keywords Are The Most Important Part of SEO

November 4, 2008

Tweet Just yesterday I came along a brilliant website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They offer a free tool for optimizing your website and a book with loads of good tips to optimize your pages for better online presence. I will be covering more tips from it, here is one to start from. High search […]

Investing in SEO on Economic Downturn?

October 29, 2008

Tweet Today I came across a good advice from Will Critchlow that remided me how important Search Engine Optimization really is. To investigate problem (investing in SEO) further I wanted to know if SEO is still as important as it used to be. The simplest way to find that out is to research how often […]

Daylight Savings Time 2008

October 26, 2008

Tweet Today I woke up and kinda’ thought I was daydreaming as the time was 6:45 am and I usaually wake up at 8 am. So what happened? – the atomic clock has gone crazy I tell you:) – Current time stoped for an hour and we’ve gone into timeless space. Now you actally had […]