BizzThemes Launches, Businesses & Freelancers Welcomed

January 11, 2010

Tweet After tons of hard work, sweat and tears, is finally here. I have to say I’m really proud of it and love its simplicity of use & quality it offers. I’m sure business users and freelance WordPress developers will love it as themes are really SEO powerful and ridiculusly easy to customize. Backend […]

What to expect in new year?

December 30, 2009

Tweet I haven’t wrote for a while but with a good reason. New year is about to become really interesting for me and hopefully somewhat successful as planned – if not, it will at least be a great journey that will make me even stronger as I don’t give up that easily. Here’s a short […]

Video Teaser of BizzFolio Theme

November 26, 2009

Tweet This is my first recorded screen cast and I hope it came out nice – not a professional one, I know, but still better than boring screenshots, right? I will practice this kind of support in future and try to avoid screenshots when possible – of course my voice will be added as well […]

BizzThemes platform now in Beta 2

November 17, 2009

Tweet Much anticipated is growing nicely so I’ve decided to share some screenshots. I tried to follow your comments on previous posts and emails so hope you’ll like it – I’d appreciate your comments on this post as well. My lead through development was/is/will be design usability and simplicity of use. User is the […]

Pricing to Choose for my Professional BizzThemes?

November 4, 2009

Tweet My BizzThemes platform is shaping up nicely, not as fast as I’d like to, but still at lightning pace. I’m currently very busy with commercial projects so I develop it in the meantime, but I still hope to release it as soon as possible. This post, however, is dedicated to pricing structure for my […]

BizzFolio Premium Theme Concept Finished

October 26, 2009

Tweet Few weeks ago I’ve decided to start my own WordPress Theme Market, where I will sell Professionally designed themes aimed at Small Businesses & Freelancers & WP Developers. From start I’ll offer two amazing themes and kick competitors buts, hopefully. Initial kick will be submitted by BizzFolio theme which is innovative and useful in […]

BizzThemes Overall Design Completed,…Share your Thoughts

October 6, 2009

Tweet BizzThemes – premium theme market that will provide WordPress Themes for Small Businesses, is nearing completion. Of course, there are actual themes to be made but I’m very proud of progress done so far. New Screenshot (click to enlarge) Biggest Inspiration: 37Singnals (Basecamp) StumbleUpon WuFoo Homestead Previous Development: Old BizzThemes Concept Suggested Unique Theme […]

Which Type of Business Themes Should I Develop Next?

September 21, 2009

Tweet As some of you might know by now I’m about to launch Premium Business Theme market in coming weeks and I’m almost ready to begin developing two starter themes which will open up the sales. Starting point will probably be more simple themes to stabilise the whole new framework but yet advanced enough to […]

BizzThemes Concept is Finished … Screenshot Included

September 8, 2009

Tweet I’ve been evaluating idea of Business theme Market for quite some time … finally I have a whole concept thought out and initial sketch drawn. The only thing remaining is fine-coding and testing the whole network with beta users, hopefully this stage of project comes soon, though, I won’t promise any precise dates! So, […]

Future BizzArtic Themes will be Built with Hooks

August 17, 2009

Tweet My theme designs are getting more and more advanced so I’ve decided to gradually drop static template development and put all strengths into development with hooks (functions). What are ‘hooks’? Hooks are nothing more than functions which you call in any theme file and you may do so multiple times. Why is development around […]

Upload Functionality Available in BizzThemes

July 15, 2009

Tweet With newest IsoTherm release I’ve decided to introduce file upload functionality integrated in theme options panel. Functionality wasn’t very difficult to implement but it is very practical, especially for people that don’t like to mess with ftp file uploads and dig around the code. Special thanks to GPL code providers: PHP forum (base upload […]

WordPress 2.8 + BizzArtic Themes = Perfect Harmony

June 12, 2009

Tweet Today, I updated my last theme, Igloo, to new version of WP, 2.8 Baker release….thus all bizzthemes are working fine with newest release of WP – now go and update when you’re ready: Berita v 1.5 – Demo | Download (updated) IsoTherm v 1.4 – Demo | Download (updated) Inuit Types v 1.8 (remains […]